People in different fields of work lead us to success

Quality Operations – our trained eye

Quality Operations is one of the most dynamic departments at AAA – Assistance Aéronautique & Aérospatiale GmbH.

Our inspectors are the guarantor for the conformity of reworks performed on aircraft and for the quality of the product, covering activities in 4 Final Assembly Lines, Flight Line, Working Party, OSW and FOT for our customers.

Acting in all the phases of the production process, they perform Incoming Inspections, Quality first checks, analyses and mappings, Intermediate and Final checks on structural, mechanical, electrical and sealer/painter jobs.They also take decisions and provide solutions together with the Coordination Team and Production Team.

A special area within Quality Operations is Design Quality. If non-conformities to the originally planned design occur in the manufacturing process, deviations must be documented in a certain form of writing and all the necessary standards. These documents are called „concessions“. Depending on the significance of a non-conformity, appropriate processes are triggered. Concessions form the basis for further analysis and a final decision by the customer or owner of the aircraft on whether to accept or reject a concession. It should be mentioned that most concessions accompany the aircraft until the end of its service life.

With the start of the new organisation, we are focused on qualifying all the QI’s on all 3 projects, to extend our competencies and to have a polyvalent team in order to become more efficient. To promote people from Production is one of our goals too because their experience brings benefits to our department and their training is quicker.

All-in-One solution: our logistics

As an internal service supplier and interface between the divisions, our logistics team provides irreplaceable added value in securing our supply chain. From here, 99% of the entire inventory, including the fleet and technical equipment for our employees, is procured, distributed and managed. Facility management is also handled by our logistics department.

For the operating division, the main responsibility of Logistics is the order placement for production. The team provides the right work equipment, at the right time, at the right place and thus delivers a complete package for working in the fast-moving daily business. In the area of warehousing and tool management, our employees dissolved isolated solutions and developed efficient systems. An absolutely unique feature compared to other suppliers on-site, is the total size of our toolshop.

But even the best systems aren’t a benefit if competent people do not ensure smooth processes. The team around our Logistics Manager Thiemo Hirsch, consisting of Logistics Coordinators, Administrators Purchase & Logistic and Logistics Helpers, reliably takes care of all matters.